The earth will continue to exist with or without humanity.

The ecosystem will adapt to any changes of environment with or without humanity, until the sun begins to die.

Therefore neither the Earth nor the ecosystem are in need of any help from humanity.

A change in the ecosystem so that it becomes less favorable for humanity won’t kill off all of humanity.

Environmentalism is therefore superfluous to the future existence of the earth, the ecosystem and humanity, assuming that environmentalism is not necessary for the construction of the sustainable inter-Solar system capsule before the sun begins to die.

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Technological progress can result in more advanced weapons and more efficient energy production. This can be used to support a larger population on earth or to provide more secure and comfortable living conditions for a smaller population.

Humanity would however be able to survive well on earth in a manner that would not deplete the earths resources without technology but in a smaller population.

The driving force behind progress is not to help humanity, because humanity does not need help, but rather a need to direct and be in charge of the future.

Progress is therefore superfluous to the future existence of the human race.

The only thing speaking against this is the idea of that humanity would eventually be able to populate other solar systems, giving humanity as a species a life expectancy longer than the lifespan of our sun.

The distance to other solar systems is however so long that each capsule being sent would have to contain a complete and self sustainable environment spanning over many human lifetimes.

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The You’s.

The You’s emerged in a warm and palatable climate. They lived in high density populations. The You’s had social competence which gave them an advantage when living among people.

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The Nasties.

The Nasties emerged in a nasty climate where it was necessary to prepare for the winter during the summer in order to survive.

Ingenuity, ruthlessness, competitiveness, strategic thinking, planning and accumulation had higher priority than morality, caring and happiness.

The Nasties who survived the winter lacked a lot of human qualities that were common in areas with no harsh winter.

The Nasties developed their own culture, that was sterile, comfortable and could lengthen lifespan beyond that which was normal.

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The Unsustainables.

The Unsustainables lack energy and independence on a cellular level, making them energy dependent. They are weaker, have lower functioning brains and bodies and less efficient energy production on a cellular level.

The Unsustainables are evaluated individually and given the choice to work for humanity or face their destiny.

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The Serpent.

There are different kinds of trees; oak trees, olive trees, vines, apple trees and pines.

Escapism is a choice of a psychologically weak mind. Stress, hopelessness, despair are its forerunners and deforestation the result.

The snake is not really a tree. It is a shapeshifter. If the snake has a charmer, like drugs, then it is cursed. It is the snake without a charmer, heavy like a stone, crawling on its stomach, that is the serpent. Some serpents wrestle and choke, some spit and some bite.

Charmers without a conscience can be particularly nasty.

The black rock is a psychotic rock, high functioning and not sharing its light and energy. Wicked it is in its ways.

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Economic depression.

Economic recession is not a problem for humanity.

Economic depression can lead to mass starvation, cannibalism, democides, suicides, assassinations, war, riots, terrorism, chaos, martial law, nuclear war, pandemics, fascism, police states, divorces, prostitution, rape, lynching etc.

This is not a problem for humanity as a race since only a fraction of humanity dies.

Assuming that the fraction dying is not necessary for the construction of the sustainable inter-Solar system capsule before the sun begins to die.

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The Lord Of The Rings written by J.R.R Tolkien is a trilogy based on material such as the mythologies and languages.

Tolkien also wrote a creation story named the Silmarillion and a children’s book named The Hobbit.

The trilogy exemplifies symbolically the differences between different human beings in the form of different races and creatures.

The ring that binds them all, the ring of power is just that a construct of absolute power. But it has a will of its own and anyone who carries it is slowly turned into a wraith. This transformation is symbolic of how power can increase life span but the resulting creature ends up being less alive, as Bilbo describes it, like a very thin layer of butter spread over too much bread.

As the ring is destroyed Sauron ceases to exist and is no more. Sauron was feeding on others energy and had no energy of his own so he simply implodes into nothingness. Evil is like a hollowness. It is this wraith like existence that the ring bearer enters when he puts the ring on his finger. Then he also becomes visible to Sauron and wraiths whose lives depend on power. Sauron is the agent on middle earth of Melkor who is the highest God of Evil.

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It is a schizophrenic, psychotic personality type that is into the idea of demonizing Jews, foreigners and liars.

Jews promote multiculturalism which destroys cohesion.

Hitler had schizophrenic traits. Höss and Hess had psychotic traits. Psychotic people are seeders rather than leaders. Schizophrenic people are immoral leaders. Both are in need of support and not suitable to have responsibility over other peoples lives. The same applies for drug addicts.

Each western nation should have their own currency, legal system, independent central bank and media. Psychotic and schizophrenic people should not be in charge.

In the case of Sweden I am for the deportation of all foreigners and people with foreigner blood going back five generations. An ethnic based society functions very well and is very beautiful.

Multiculturalism has already caused permanent damage to the Swedish people. Truly Swedish people were not designed to live among foreigners.

But most likely these changes will not happen and people will just have to tolerate each other.

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Climate change.

The Earth has had several ice ages. During these times part of the planet has been covered with ice. The climate change involved in the natural coming and going of an ice age is extremely slow.

The current discussions of climate change involving carbon dioxide, global warming, heat waves, storms, extreme weather, natural disasters and cold winters is different.

Disturbances in the planets ecosystem can cause changes in the planets climate.

These disturbances or changes are self regulatory.

For example, assuming the ecosystem was changed to such a degree that the planet became less appropriate for human survival. What happens then is that the number of human beings on the earth is reduced. As a consequence humanity’s influence on the planets ecosystem is reduced. As you can see this is a self regulatory mechanism.

Climate change is therefore superfluous to the future existence of humanity, assuming that knowledge about climate change is not necessary and viable for helping humanity terraform another planet in another solar systems and help in the construction of the sustainable capsule before the sun begins to die.

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